Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ZDoom Wars Birthday Week: Chex Quest Unit Reveal

The Chex Quest Faction will gain the Slime Carrier

Cost : 30/8 Health: 600
Attack: Ranged Damage: N/A Role: Support/Shock
As the flemoids encounter the forces of other dimensions, they adapt and grow. In response to fortresses, the flemoids have created a new slime-form.
The Slime Carrier acts as a sort of troop carrier for the flemoids. Unlike other air units, it must be spawned on the ground, where it will undergo a period during which it is inactive while in synthesizes the fuel it uses to float, and grows its batch of flem spores. Upon activation, the carrier rockets a short distance into the air, and is awakened. When closing to within a short distance of the foe, the Slime Carrier unleashes its payload, rocketing around violently as it deflates. The ensuing swathe of flem spores (and even some resurrection slime) can break a battle line or swamp a garrison, or simply be used as an instant army. As the Slime Carrier loses health, its payload decreases, and if killed before beginning to unload, it has no effect.


  1. Heresiarch GrimmJune 29, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    Why does this scream "Flem Meteor's improved brother" to me?

    Is there a difference? Because they both spawn flem spores (Albeit this may spawn faster) and this is cheaper. Is there a disadvantage to this?

    Other than that, I forsee several (10+) of these being used in Valley's kingman base and the likes. In other words, awesome army backup!

  2. The difference is that Flem Meteors work forever.



  3. I'm going to kill you, Captain Ventris.

  4. True. But they work incredibly slowly. I'll find these much more usefull.

  5. Y u want kill meh?

    Anon, y u do dis?


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