Hosting a ZDoom Wars Server

Let's say you want to host a ZDoom Wars server. This is a list of all Server settings and such that are ideal.

-LMS mode
-Use a non-random map list from ZDWars1 to ZDWars24
-60 minute time limit
-4 or 5 player slots
-2 or 3 games per map
-lms_spectatorchat set to 3 (Allow spectators to chat with players)
-Difficulty set to anything but Nightmare. If it's set to Nightmare, the monsters will respawn, and it will be redonkulous.
DMFlags = 2097152 (no crouching)
DMFlags2= 0
CompatFlags = 0

Optionally, allow chasecam, because people have some weird obsession with putting their chasecam bind near their controls, resulting in them getting kicked out of an hour long game, which is kind of depressing.

Currently Active Dedicated Servers:
Here is a rundown of the dedicated servers running ZDoom Wars at this time. If info on one of the servers is wrong, please notify me.

[]#S10 - In the Czech Republic. Aberrant settings: 10 player slots, crouching.
Contact: The Oblacek Forum (in Czech, translated here into English)

[-==Destiny Server==-] #05 ZDoom Wars - In Hungary. 4 Player slots.

Demon RiderZ Server (wumbo) #27: -=ZDoom Wars =-- In the US.
Contact: MiFU, Apothem, or C405129

[FR] SuperGod's Server #27 > > Last Man Standing : ZDoom Wars v2.8 < < - In France.
Contact: SuperGod