Monday, June 28, 2010

ZDWars Birthday Week: Strife Unit Reveal

The Strife Faction will gain the Order Turret

Cost: 10/4 Health: 225
Attack: Ranged Damage: High Role: Defense/Skirmish
Burst firing and deadly. At least they can't chase you.
Order Turrets are sentry units, effective in combat at short distances, where they fire a burst of bullets that deals heavy damage. As they fire, they emit glowing beams that point to their target, alerting the Commander of the enemy presence. They have an incredibly quick reaction time as well, so don't expect to sneak past them. Not good if you want to stay hidden. Order turrets do not block other monsters, or players, and can hit ghosts.

Again, no surprise here (hopefully), though the additional sentry abilities will heighten Strife's siege capacity, and make them additionally effective when inhabiting outposts or establishing forward positions. Your turrets can give you that head start warning while you're busy spawning stacks of Stalkers in a corner. Heed their relatively obnoxious warning! Turrets are unlocekd alongside Reavers.

THE MIND BLOWING AWESOMENESS of the last two units is yet to come!


  1. destroyer of worldsJune 28, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    what is that triangle in the bottom right?a triforce from hyrule?LOL

  2. How obvious are these glowing beams?


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