Mapping for ZDoom Wars

There's no need to ask me if you can make a map for ZDoom Wars. I don't make any of these maps myself - they are all made by people who like the wad, and then submitted them to me on IRC, through E-Mail, or through the ZDoom or Skulltag forums. Real simple.

-Test the map in ZDWars to make sure that monsters can move about freely, lending consideration to larger ones such as Mancubus or Heroes. A common mistake

-Avoid monster-blocking lines. If you absolutely need blocking lines, make it block EVERYTHING, including projectiles.

-Put sound blocking lines in every single possible place that it makes sense. Don't put them across halls like a moron. Using them properly keeps monsters from ignoring you and crowding into a corner.

-No instant death traps. If you include a trap, make certain that it deals the "Annihilate" damage type, and can be avoided or escaped by players.

-You can choose whatever custom textures, actors, music etc. that you want. Include music credits if you do.

-If others helped you with the map, credit them, please.

There are certain things to consider when submitting a map:

-Every map submitted will most likely be looked over by Mik57 and Damage. They may change textures, edit geometry, etc. if there are problems with your map. You will still get full credit for it.

-You are encouraged to establish a dialog with me to get consultation on the development of your map. Anything I say is purely a matter of opinion, but even so, do take what I say into consideration. Contact me through IRC, E-Mail, or through the ZDoom or Skulltag forums by PM. It will usually do to simply send me the link to your map, so I can look it through on my own time.

-Your map can and will be rejected if one of us (me, Mik, or Damage) judges that your map would take too much work to be made useable. I prefer to send things through to them in a functioning state. They shouldn't have to redo your entire map for you. So, please respond if I have a critique of your map. If left in a sub-par state, please work on it.

-There are NO assurances that your map will appear in the next Map Pack. Map Packs are often filled up a couple months in advance. Do not bug me to somehow slip your map in. You can ask for a map slot reservation, but if you don't deliver on time (if there's a particular due date), then someone else's map will be moved into your slot, and you will lose your reservation. I will give preference to authors who do not already have a map in the pack, and may shift maps to the next pack in order to give each map pack a variety of size and variation.