Here is a list of questions I am repeatedly asked, and which would much more easily be handled by having them posted here.

Q: Didn't joo make dat Duke Three-deee Faction?!?!?!?!!

A: NO, nor the "Arena" faction. If it isn't in the ZDoom Wars pk3 or Map Pack, it isn't mine.

Q: What about a Duke3d Faction?!!!11!!!??!?!?!!?1 Or a Wolf 3D Faction?!?!?!?!!

A: Read up: http://www.mediafire.com/?lezyyt5jank

Q: So, uh, does TLMS work with this?

A: No, the Skulltag monster AI is aggressive towards teammates and their monsters regardless.

Q: So, did you do these maps?

A: The name of the author of each map appears on screen each time a level is first entered.


A: I only have RCON on the NODE-3 server, and the Obsidian server.

Q: Why do you never play?

A: I hover in a server to both moderate, and to gather feedback. I still don't like suggestions, though. ;)

Q: What Factions do you have planned for the future?

A: I intend to make a Faction of Harmony, and, if the monsters are ever finished, a Faction of Hacx 2.0. These two are the only Factions confirmed. Yes, I have permission.

I'll add things to this page as they bug me. :P