Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ZDoom Wars Birthday Week Finale: Virus Unit Reveal, and 2.9 new stuff

The Virus faction will gain the Shield Drone

 Cost: 8/2 Health: 300
 Attack: Ranged Damage: N/A Role: Support/Defense
Shield Drones are, on their own, near completely harmless. However, when used in support of other units, they become an important part of an advance. The Shield Drone constantly attracts the attention of enemies and absorbs damage so its lighter armored comrades can survive longer. It will also occasionally let loose a short range, prolonged wave of projectiles that will block incoming fire, set off explosive projectiles early, or stop charging units.

The Shield Drone is unlocked alongside Greater Prisms, and will hopefully give Virus some added punch in a siege or big brawl.

As for ZDWars 2.9, there are many balance changes to accompany the inevitable paradigm shifts that will be brought about by the new units. Some of these have been covered before, but I'll go over the high points again:

-The F1 help screen has been updated with some more info, and the url to reach the documentation.

-C-375's height code has been made much more solid by evilspacetomato, and there is also an altitude indicator for Virus players. The max flight height is 384 units.

-Despair Canyon's slime will now dispose of monsters that fall in it, as will the water below the bridge in Valley (no more deathpit!)

-Da Void's funky skybox now works, and parts of it have been made more accessible and flow better.

-Yes, that sector in Something Epic is fixed (so says Damage :P ).

-Cyberdemon price raised from 130/115 to 140/125.

-Spider Masterminds have been slightly reworked so they are better at spraying multiple units. Try e'm out.

-Pain Elementals and Archviles will now try to keep a distance from the foe.

-Enchant has an increased radius, and Enchanted units are immune to radius damage from other enchanted units.

-Crusaders are now much cheaper.

-Normal Crusader's missiles now have a slight homing ability, so they are useful at extreme ranges.

-pre-upgraded Sniper Templars are now much cheaper.

-Stalkers had a width reduction.

-The Programmer will attempt to keep a short distance from foes.

-The chance of repair drone resurrection has been increased.

-The Commonus Split upgrade now effects spores spawned from Meteors as well.

-Common flemoids were given a slight buff.

-Flem spore spawning has been altered some, and the spores are more likely to create Bipeds or Larva now.

-Spores were given a slight buff.

-Air Carriers were buffed.

-Virus units are now immune to the death explosions from other Virus units.

And quite a few bug fixes. It's gonna be pretty sweet, even aside from the new units. We'll see what new strategies pop up.

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  1. Since I can't seem to reach you on IRC, it may be good to note that in the docs it says that meshfliers can't hit ghosts. But they actually can.


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