Sunday, June 27, 2010

ZDWars Birthday Week: Hexen Unit Reveal

The Hexen Faction will gain the Stalker 
Cost: 18/5 Health: 200 
Attack: Ranged/Melee Damage: Medium/Medium Role: Skirmish/Shock
Stalkers are aquatic reptiles with huge talons designed to rend their prey into bite-sized morsels, and can fire slime projectiles.
Swamp Stalkers are a particularly effective harassment unit with high endurance. Spending most of their time burrowing, they only emerge to attack, and then quickly dive below the surface again. They are quick and can harass groups of enemies or surprise enemy commanders with ease. Though they cannot be hit most of the time, a Swamp Stalker will quickly perish if caught in a melee.
Of course it's the Stalker, what were you expecting? Mushrooms? REALLY? There's a whole functional, not ridiculous monster floating around, and the friggin' MUSHROOM was one of the theories? Bejeebus.
Anyway, don't spawn him in water, because he'll act as dumb as the next guy. He's unlocked along with Chaos Serpents.
Also, I don't care that it's 3 PM, it's Sunday. Love to all my haters.


  1. Alright, I'll admit. The Mushroom thing was stupid. But I was going on the thought that since the Spore things were included, why not the mushrooms.

    Still, I hope my other guesses are somewhat closer.


    (P.S, I'm aware it's anonymous, but there's only 4 people who'll recognise my name.)

  2. The spores were bombs and I don't remember mushrooms being like that. I could be wrong though.

    But yeah, the fact that the new Hexen unit was stalkers was obvious, mainly because you asked for stalker sprites earlier :p

  3. Heresiarch GrimmJune 28, 2010 at 8:08 AM

    The Mushrooms would release a poisonous gas when attacked. It could've been a melee range thing, enabling a poison gas attack to be emitted, painlocking any units nearby and poisoning players.

    Also, I was never aware that Stalkers were requested, since I left the game for 4 months after someone I knew did...something...


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