Saturday, June 26, 2010

ZDWars Birthday Week: Heretic Unit Reveal

The Heretic Faction will gain the Gas Pod
Cost: 25/8 Health: 300/75
Attack: Ranged Damage: High Role: Defense/Shock
These volatile organic pods grow all over the place, making a walk in the park a little hazardous.
Gas Pods are ideal for defense or for containment. Their primary function is to explode upon death, injuring nearby friend or foe. Upon spawning the first “Primogenitor” Pod, it will spawn four lesser pods around it. The Primogenitor Pod has more health than the pods it makes, and is larger. When alert to enemies, the Primogenitor Pod will attempt to spawn another pod nearby every eight seconds when an enemy is visible, up to 20 over its lifetime. This time span can be interrupted if the pod is hurt. The Primogenitor pod is immune to splash damage, but the lesser pods are not, so chain reactions can result. All Pods are immobile, but can easily be pushed.

So, Heretic receives a solidly siege or defense focused unit. A lot of times, Heretics hordes can fall short in a pitched melee against an Enchanted Hexen force or a Flemoid horde without its elite units, who themselves aren't as tough as other factions elites. So, when you unlock Ophidians, another unit useful for defensive purposes, you also gain the Gas Pod. Heretic operates on a middling level with high numbers and some decent artillery, but sometimes need an extra bang.

The Gas Pod is that literal extra bang. Upon the instance of its spawn, it's not that dangerous. In an open area, it's not that dangerous. The Pod will require finesse to use, as the Pod Field will draw fire from the foe. Still, when given a bit of view and the time that it takes an approaching army to reach your defenses, a pair or trio of Primogenitor pods can construct a disruptive defense that can break groups of enemies or shatter momentum, allowing Heretics units to use their speed to fill in the gap and rout the foe. Pods can also be interesting as traps, both for enemy monsters and an unlucky player, whom can be crippled by a chain reaction.

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  1. I reckon Hexen's the Poisonous Mushroom OR the Stalker.

    Strife's either a Macil spawner (Like the new Lost Soul one) the sentry gun, the Oracle or Richter.

    Chex...Chex has me stumped. I suppose that it could be the chex hero...

    Virus has to be the triangle thing in the bottom right. It's the only thing that fits. I can't say much more than that.


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