Friday, June 25, 2010

ZDWars Birthday Week: Doom Unit Reveal

The Doom Faction will gain the Lost Soul
Cost: 3 Health: 70
Attack: Ranged Damage: Low Role: Brawler/Meatshield
Dumb. Tough. Flies. On fire. 'Nuff said.
Lost Souls are a cheap air unit which attacks by charging their foe. Useful for soaking up damage and pinning down enemy formations, Lost Souls have a relatively accurate charge when at medium ranges, but may miss from too far away. Lost Souls spawned by the player are tougher and larger than those spawned by a Pain Elemental, and lack their suppression and KaBoom vulnerabilities. Lost Souls are vulnerable to snipers.

Many folks saw this one from a mile off, both because it fit my criteria, and because it was clear in the picture. And there are some of those people who think that spawning Lost Souls would be lame, presumably based on the fact that it could be seen as redundant or unexciting.
However, you will note that when a Pain Elemental spawns the Souls, they are weaker, and you can't decide where they are spawned. Direct control over Lost Soul spawning also allows having Lost Souls without having a Pain Elemental, which still fits the Pain Elemental's role as a Support unit: It supports both your army, and your spawning efforts.
Lost Souls will be unlocked alongside imps, chaingunners, and pinky demons, giving Doom a varied second tier, as well as a cheap, albeit unconventional, air unit. Lost Souls can be used to unlock Cacodemons, just like imps can.

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