Thursday, June 24, 2010

ZDWars Birthday Week

On July 1st, ZDoom Wars will have been in development for exactly two years. So that sets the date for version 2.9 for July 1.

Naturally, I'd want to do something special for the Birthday wad, so today begins ZDWars Birthday Week!

Version 2.9 will contain the normal fixes, balance adjustments, and map maintenance, but there will also be a special add-on. It is my honor to announce to you:

I'm doing this Super Smash Brothers style. Each faction will be receiving a new unit, each of which is featured in the background of this image. Some are obvious by their shape, others can be determined by what has been asked for in the past, and others may be a complete surprise. Each day from here until the 30th, I'll be showing and introducing each new unit in the traditional faction order: Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex Quest, and finally, Virus.

None of these units are particularly elite, and most will be available midway (or earlier) in each tech tree. Each has an interesting behavior and use that will greatly expand each faction's gameplay, and fill in needed strategic weaknesses. Since they're new, don't expect them to come out of the gate well balanced, but do expect there to be a big shift in certain gameplay factors.

Sieges will be changed forever. Field battles and defense will be more devious than before. Some factions will gain special defensive units, others fresh attack units, and one faction even gets a new Support unit. Your old strategies may need adjustment or abandonment, as every single faction is getting a unit that has the potential to change how the game is played.

(Don't expect another monster add-on. Ever.)

Let the speculation begin!

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