Thursday, July 1, 2010

ZDWars Public Beta 2.9 is now OUT!

So, here it is. Two years down the line, and with a new set of monsters.

Balance Changes:

New Additions:
-To celebrate ZDoom Wars' 2 year anniversary, every faction has recieved a new unit.

-Updated the manuals, etc. etc.

-Made the list of units effected by the Repair Drone in the Strife manual more specific.

-Updated and changed the F1 Help screen.

Bug Fixes:
-The player class previews in the Multiplayer menu should no longer flicker with doomguy graphics.

-Hero death sounds should be much more audible now.

-EvilSpacetomato has greatly revised the C-375 height limiting system. It should work much better now, and allows unconditional ladder use. There is also a height indicator on Virus players' HUD that shows how high you are. 384 units is the max height. C-375 can now use the water entrance into Tech Monolith.

-Some jumps were removed from Retrofitted units to slightly reduce bandwidth usage.

Map Pack:
-Blazing Colosseum scripts revised to eliminate the double deep and damaging ground bugs, by evilspacetomato.

-The slime in Despair Canyon now kills units who fall or are spawned in it.
-Some graphical glitches on Despair Canyon were fixed.

-Wierd bases has been made more attractive.
-The delay between the center of the level lowering in Wierd Bases has been doubled.

-Da Void's skybox has been fixed.
-Da Void has been made more attractive.
-Some areas of Da Void have been changed to be more accessible or less campable.

-The watery pits on either side of the bridge in Valley will now kill monsters.

-The sector that would kill players instead of teleporting them in Something Epic has been fixed.

-Fixed a spot in Grimwald where large monsters couldn't pass through.


New Additions:
-The Doom Faction has a new unit: The Lost Soul, unlocked alongside imps.

Balance Changes:
-Cyberdemon price raised from 130/115 to 140/125.

-Spider Mastermind attack variance increased from 8 degrees to 10.
-The Spider Mastermind now fires 4 bullets per attack cycle, up from 3.
-Spider Mastermind minimum damage raised from 14 to 16.

-Buffed Cacodemon melee damage from 12 to 13.
-Increased Cacodemon melee range from 72 to 84.

-Pain Elementals will now attempt to distance themselves from opponents who are within 800 units.

-Archviles will now distance themselves from enemies who are within 500 units.
-Archviles now only lose 10 health per resurrection, down from 15. This means they can resurrect 90 units if they are not hit otherwise, up from 60.

Bug Fixes:
-Retrofitted Pain Elementals would not attack at range.

-The invisible Lost Soul projectile made sounds.


New Additions:
-The Heretic Faction has a new unit: The Gas Pod, unlocked alongside Ophidians.

Balance Changes:
-The point at which D'Sparil begins spitting triple fireballs has been changed from 1600 health to 2200 health.

-Lich Whirlwind height decreased from 32 to 24.

-Maulotaur melee speed increased by 3 tics.
-Maulotaur health increased from 4200 to 4400.

Bug Fixes:
-Nitro Ghost Mummies could not be unlocked using normal mummies.


New Additions:
-The Hexen Faction has a new unit: The Swamp Stalker, unlocked alongside Chaos Serpents.

Balance Changes:
-Enchant radius raised from 200 to 225.
-All Enchant-able Units are now immune to radius damage coming from other Enchanted units.

-Menelkir damage reduced from 10 to 9.

-Enchanted Chaos Serpent direct damage reduced from 6 to 4.

-Enchanted Bishop direct damage reduced from 5 to 4.
-Enchanted Bishop projectile homing max turn angle lowered from 9 to 8.

-Wraith ranged attack damage reduced from 8 to 7.

-Wendigo health boosted from 850 to 1000.

-Enchanted Ettin magic attack chance raised by 30.

-Centaurs now fire 3 magic projectiles when enchanted, up from 2.

Bug Fixes:
-Homing chaos Serpents and Bishops were immune to radius damage.


New Additions:
-The Strife Faction now has a new unit: The Order Turret, unlocked alongside Reavers.

Balance Changes:
-Devastator Crusader's melee attack has been sped up by 2 tics.
-The Crusader's missile now has a slight homing ability, increasing its effective range.
-Crusader price lowered from 40/10 to 35/8.
-Pre-upgraded Crusader price lowered from 55/12 to 40/9.

-Crusader retrofit price lowered from 15 to 12.

-Gargantuan Sniper Templar price change. It now costs 18/7, instead of 40/6, which was dumb.
-Templar retrofit cost reduced from 15 to 10.

-Stalker width reduced from 30 to 20.

-Alien Spectre fleeing range increased from 2000 to 3000.

-The Programmer will now move away from foes who are within 1200 units.

-The chance of each unit effected by a Repair Drone of resurrecting has been increased.

-Removed the inheritance from Rebels and Acolytes, so they theoretically won't set on fire now.

Bug Fixes:
-Spectre A dropped 10 mana, instead of 25.
-The pre-upgraded Devastator Crusader's melee attack was slower than it should be.


New Additions:
-The CQ Faction now has a new unit: The Slime Carrier, unlocked alongside Super Cyclops.

Balance Changes:
-The commonus split upgrade now effects the spores created by Slime Meteors.
-Slime Meteors now drop 6 spores on death, up from 3.
-Slime Meteor spawn chance increased by 30, and idle spore spawn chance increased by 15.
-Slime Meteor's health has been increased from 250 to 300.

-Boosted the chance of a Flem Spore spawning a bipedicus or larva.

-Flem Spores will now always successfully spawn, though their spawning of the flemoid itself is not full proof.
-The way Flem Spores move about is a little more randomized to avoid overlapping spawns.

-Cyclops pain chance raised from 40 to 50.

-Resurrection Slime summon balls are no longer +RIPPER.
-Resurrection slime can now pass through monsters and will always successfully spawn.

-Super Cyclops damage reduced from 8 to 7.
-Super Cyclops health reduced from 750 to 700.

Bug Fixes:
-The Slime Meteor is now referred to by its proper name in the onscreen message and manual.
-The Slime Meteor summonball was 5 units too thin.

-The Super Cyclop's frames during its chase state were not evenly distributed.


New Additions:
-The Virus Faction now has a new unit: The Shield drone, unlocked alongside Greater Prisms.

Balance Changes:
-Spore health increased from 65 to 75.
-Spore attack rate sped up by 2 tics.

-All Virus units are now immune to the explosions from other Virus units.

-Air Carriers now carry 30 drones.
-Air Carrier health raised from 600 to 750.

-All of the Leader's attacks can now hit ghosts.

Bug Fixes:
-C-375 was not resistant to KaBoom damage.


  1. Wow.
    That's alot of things changed.

    Quick question, I can't access the downloads, any idea why?

  2. nice update!
    although I think the shield drone should be
    able to slightly push enemy melee units with its shield attack thing since they seem rather weak to use when against chex.

  3. Typo on the F1 help page if you haven't seen it already or someone hasn't told you about it... near end of first paragraph tree spelled as "tre"

  4. Greaat, I like most of it, but did you really need to boost the cyberdemon price? It was high enough as it was LOL!


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