Monday, March 29, 2010

Doom Monster Pack Released

Now available from the above download link is the Single Player monster pack for Doom 2. Mancs, Pains, and Revs will be randomly upgraded. You are given quite a bit more ammo than normal to compensate for the health increases of the monsters. The Fist will not alert monsters and is slightly faster, so sneakiness may be an option.


  1. Hi, I've found some oddities:
    -shotgunguy doesn't flash when firing
    -no supershotgun?

  2. Ah, without the GLDEFs, he indeed doesn't flash. It's a minor thing. I'll slip it into the next update.

    ...yes, the supershotgun is there... if you're playing Doom 2. Didn't even occur to me that it worked in Doom 1 also until now. :P


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