Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Map Pack 3 Finalized

Just on the verge of release, the Map Pack is getting finished. Here is the complete list of the maps included in Map Pack 3:

Flame Temple by Guigui, 2-3 players.
Red Canyon by Whodaman, 2-4 players.
City of Chaos by Always Doomed, 2-4 players.
Pacific Warfare by Mik57, 2-4 players.
Grimwald by Sauerkraut, 2-5 players.
System Reboot by Damage, 2-6 players.
Knee Deep in ZDoom Wars by Damage, 2-6 players.
Something Epic by Corpsegr1nder and Omegamax, 2-6 players.

Overall a varied map pack with unique design ideas, new themes, and brand new hazards, accompanied by all new music.

Also included are the updated versions of Weird Bases and Battlefield 94', Da Void (the replacement for Deja Vu), as well as the Lesser - Greater - Greater(er?) Crucible update, and a couple fixes to the current maps. Wierd Bases and the Crucible Maps have improved music, as well.

1 comment:

  1. I was actually thinking about making a beachfront map with a docked ship and a harbor using the song "Destroy" from RA2.

    I guess doing that would be a little redundant now, but that's ok, I could stick such a map theme into another little mod...


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