Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ZDWars 3.1 preview

ZDWars 3.1 is going to do some neat things. Nothing earth shaking. There won't be a version on par with 2.9 in a long while, but 3.1 is a step towards perfecting 2.9, so that's cool. Anyway, some of the highlights:

-All Hero and Elite (cost more than a Hell Knight) units will have a health bar floating over their heads for all to see.

-All summoners will now not be switched to when unlocked, and non-basic units will not auto-fire if the button is held. Tap to spam these guys. This protects against accidentally spawning two barons of hell or what not.

-Doom's middle tech tree branch will take less units to progress through.

-Swamp Stalkers are getting a combat buff.

-Order Turrets are getting nerfed, and will no longer be able to hit ghosts.

-Flem spores should finally work correctly.

-Virus turrets getting nerfed, spreadshot turrets getting buffed.

There are also other things that have only been revealed in the IRC channel, because those people are SPECIAL.


  1. health bar? You fucking rock :)

  2. To be precise, Isle rocks for making an easy to implement health bar system. :P


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