Monday, July 26, 2010

Someone must be crucified

Today, a certain someone ran an LMS server with the following wads:-ZDWars
-Doom Urban Real Guns Advanced +4 Gold Edition Mark 4 Aleph 19.2456443 or something
-Hell Revealed 2

I assume he somehow thinks this is funny, or fun, or something else that starts with the letter F. A couple minor people, two from the Iron Lich clan, were in the server with him, apparently (and I say this in horror) enjoying the absolute cluster he had constructed.

Now, he's been running ZDWars coop with some map packs in the past, and that's cool. It technically works and such. However, I do believe this crosses a line. He's on the forum, he's in the IRC channel. I'm guessing he's doing this in part to make me face palm or something, but really, this in particular is actually kind of offensive, and not just to me, but to anyone with decency and taste.

Hell Revealed is a map pack. It's just the kind of target for weapons mods like RGA. Those two being run together makes sense, though obviously does not appeal to all tastes. Voltlock or whoever he undoubtedly hoisted RGA on to is beyond all forms of offensiveness to begin with, so we need not discuss him here. Unless the RGA in the middle of the wad name is coincidental and the wad is something which I'm sure is ENTIRELY different and Voltlock isn't involved at all. Whatever, not the point.

Now, CutmanMike more than likely has a longer fuse than I do given the player base that surrounds GvH, and GvH has been hosted with retarded things before, but this is still just messed up. I don't imagine he'll make a statement, because he is notably more polite than I am and not so bothered by minor things.

Thusly, I would like to explain something: ZDoom Wars is not a weapons mod. It is not a level pack. It is a self-contained project which focuses on a specific type of gameplay which favors specially made maps, in a precise mode, and exact environment. I work on this wad because I really, really like it and what it does. What it does is provide a certain type of gameplay, which is not at all related to being mixed up with other things like a botched genetics experiment. If you want to play a complete cluster, go pick up an old version of EB Doom or something.

When you host a very custom wad with a retarded set of other things, it just says to the author that you have little respect for the effort they put into making the wad the way it is. It says that you have no regard for what they may look upon with pride. It's like using a Van Gogh as a table cloth (Roger Ebert be damned). It's disrespectful, and clearly tasteless.

I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't for the fact that I actually communicate with the guy who hosted this on an almost daily basis, therefore I technically know him. If he was some random guy in Croatia, whatever. But the fact is, he isn't. So it's really more like going over to Van Gogh's house for dinner, and then pulling one of his paintings off the wall to use as a table cloth. Not that I'm comparing myself to Van Gogh as far as genius or anything, but I doubt many of you would understand a Buckminster Fuller/Geodesic Dome metaphor.

Though this message may apply to all those DBZone servers in which helmeted people drool on model-rip weapons or whatever, this really applies specifically to the guy who hosted this particular server.


  1. Yes you RAGEEEEE

  2. wow, someone is a dicksack

  3. I hope you mean the guy who hosted the server :P

    Just so you know the guy who hosted that server already apologized and took it down. The point still stands though, and for all mods, not just ZDW. It is insulting when a mod is hosted in a way that it isn't intended to played/with maps and mods that it is not intended to be hosted with.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but you are getting mad at people for using a toy improperly in a way that causes them fun.

    Unfortunately a lot of the arguments you used could be used against zdoomwars, as doom was never intended to be an RTS.

  5. I won't make a statement because I don't think there's any need. There's no restrictions on what people are allowed to play or host, and if people are having fun with whatever is hosted I have no problem with it. It's like with those cheat servers you get sometimes, where people summon shit from different games. If people like that, fair play to them. I don't find it disrespectful at all. If anything I find it confusing how people are having fun with it, but I wouldn't make a fuss about it at all.

    Just my two cents

  6. wtf Cutman, you actually bother looking at this thing? Anyway, I can see why you would find my rage-ness misplaced, and there's plenty to both sides of the argument. As for the fellow above, there is a difference between modding and abuse.

  7. Still funny to this day


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