Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Version 2.6 is now available!

Get it from the download link at the top of the page, as usual.



Balance Changes:
-non-flying heroes can now never fall off of ledges, or be forced off of them, even by loremasters.

New Additions:
-Updated the manuals and readme.
-Revised the map description section of the Main Manual.

-Updated the Quick reference sheet's map list, which I had failed to do before.
-Revised the Tech Tree portion of the Quick reference sheet to instead talk about what thin and offset lines mean on the tech trees.

Bug Fixes:
-Removed a bunch of unused resources to reduce file size.

Map Pack:
- Organized map pack wad, maps are in order and other resources are cleaned up.

-All maps now have Air Control, as they should.

-Changed some script numbers on Blazing Colosseum to prevent conflicts.

-Buffed Lord Maldovious quite a bit.

-There are now 4 symmetrical bases with Center Bridge Control in Caverns. It now supports 4 players, in other words.

-Majorly upgraded Throughfare Castle in Valley. Re-textured the rock walls in the map. Ice FOrtress now has some more ledges to put monsters on.

-Detailed Despair Canyon (e.g. separated hex tiles, added borders, replaced multiple textures, added grey ashwalls, aligned textures)
-Made the 3rd ridge in Despair Canyon accessible to every class. (Was useless before)
-Added on to each base, and added spawns to Despair Canyon.

-Added two small towers to the center of Wierd Bases.
-Fixed misaligned window textures in Wierd Bases.
-Fixed a bug that prevented access to the spawn points in a couple places.

-Added 2 small rock islands on opposite sides of Pacific Battle.

-The statues in Flame Temple will now be uniformly grey.
-The elevators in the Inquisitor area of Flame Temple now work.
-The Inquisitor's cage didn't have an inside before.
-The Inquisitor base is smaller and more accessible now, so should be less prone to being spammed with shooting units.


Balance Changes:
-6 Hellknights are required to unlock Barons, up from 5.

-Barons of Hell no longer simultaneously unlock Cyberdemons. It now takes 3 Barons to do so.

-The Doom Tech Tree image has been updated to reflect these changes.

Bug Fixes:
-There was a bug that required only 3 Hellknights to unlock Barons and Cyberdemons.


Balance Changes:
-Raised D'Sparil's Disciple-summoning projectile spawn height from 35 to 50. This may improve the chances of the projectile succeeding in spawning a Disciple.

-Undead Ghost Knight price raised from 10/4 to 10/5 due to their recent improvements.

-Barrage Weredragon's secondary projectile can no longer hit Ghosts.

Bug Fixes:
-The Iron Lich's Iceball can now hit Ghosts.


Balance Changes:
-Zedek shot radius explosion reduced from 84 to 72.
-Zedek health reduced from 1200 to 1000. His health was so high because he was injuring himself before. Now it's just silly.

-When the Heresiarch summons Bishops, they will no longer play their rising animation if they fail to spawn.

Bug Fixes:
-Enchant sparkles will no longer splash in water.


Balance Changes:
-Inquisitor rifle shot inaccuracy reduced from 10 degrees to 9 degrees variance.
-Inquisitor grenade explosion radius increased from 192 to 210.
-Inquisitor grenade direct damage reduced from 18 to 12.
-Inquisitor grenade explosion damage is now forced, and deals the KaBoom damage type.

-Sped up a couple of the Entity's attacks, and made a couple others fire multiple projectiles.
-The Entity and Sub Entities no longer have the +SHADOW flag.
-Made the Sub Entity fire two projectiles in its attack state, instead of just one.

-The Programmer's missile state is now several times longer, so he'll be vulnerable while conjuring a lightning storm.
-The Programmer's minmissilechance was raised from 180 to 200 (less shooting).
-The Programmer's health has been raised from 2400 to 2600.

Bug Fixes:
-There was an incorrect jump that caused the Inquisitor to always use his close-range grenade attack when close enough. Now he will also use his rifle.
-Got rid of some unused code in the Inquisitor.


Bug Fixes:
-Common Flemoids still dropped mana.


Balance Changes:
-Unupgraded turrets can hit ghosts once again, but spreadshot turrets still can't.
-Spreadshot turret attack sped up by 2 tics.

-Prism attack state sped up by 2 tics.

-Greater Prism direct attack state sped up by 2 tics.

-The Virus will now attempt to move away from an enemy if it is within 1000 units after each shot it takes.

Bug Fixes:
-A once-upgraded Land Carrier cost too much mana.

-The Ground Unit Upgrade was working sort of in reverse. Upgrading once gave level three units, but upgrading twice gave level two units.

And there you have it. Now go get on the Oblacek and NODE-3 servers and test drive the new stuff!

Also, there has already been some useful discussion no the IRC channel. Really dudes, even if you don't use IRC start! :P

EDIT: NODE-3 and Oblacek are both updated.


  1. Heh, I'm kind of glad I mentioned about hellknights, hell I thought they were made that way ! Who would know it was a bug that actually caused it... Anyway downloading this right away, thanks a bunch !

  2. I'm glad you mentioned that, too :P

    I really thought that they were working correctly. I remember bumping it up to 5. I didn't hear any complaints about it, so I figured it had worked!

  3. I didn't even remember that the hellknights getting bumped up to 5. All I could think when spawning them was the fact that I was getting the cyberdemon.

    I also like how I found that land upgrade bug. I had a feeling that something wasn't right about it. Almost to the point where I thought it wasn't balanced correctly.

  4. Hmm, map 07 has been destroyed :(. It was best map, now are there camping forts - no chance for attack.

    It is sad. I loved this map. Changed key bindings for monsters in 2.5, now this in 2.6. It was great mode, but it is worst in every update...


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