Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things that (ideally) must happen before a Tournament is held

I have mentioned on many occasions that I'd like to run a ZDoom Wars tournament at some point. I have not before provided an actual time frame, as there are certain things I'd like to have done first.

-Each Retrofitted unit needs its own sprite set.

-I must feel that each faction is balanced enough to be fair in a competitive environment, and that each unit pulls its weight and is used by players. The same goes for the Special abilities.

-I want to have the older maps visually rehauled.

-I want all the maps to have up-to-date gameplay and a similar fun factor, with all known bugs fixed.

So, basically, once these things are well and truly done, I'll be willing to have a tournament. And really, the last two are up to Mik57 and Damage, while the second is up to me. None of us are particularly capable or willing to do the first.


  1. WhoDaMan here.... anyways.

    Most tournament games would most likely end up on Valley anyways because that seems to be the most popular map. right?

  2. Wrong, there will be a variety of maps featured, and different groupings of players may even play on different maps.


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