Sunday, April 25, 2010


Unique sprites are needed for the Sniper Templar. Below are the details for the job. Anyone willing to try it out can work on a frame or two and give me a preview.

Goal: Create a sprite-set edit of the Templar in which the Templar's gun is modified to look more like it's a sniping weapon of some sort. Nothing huge, just a elongated or more powerful looking weapon of some manner. Make it enough to be noticed, at least.

-The sprites must, of course, be of decent quality.

-The sprites must remain in Strife's native palette. The easiest way to do this is to extract the png graphics from ZDoom Wars itself, and work in a non-paletted editor of some sort. At any rate, DON'T SCREW UP THE COLORS. If you're a software user, open up the wad and gaze upon the beauty you are missing in-game.

-Please do not perform any color-changes to the sprites outside of the gun (and make any gun color changes fit the color theme of the rest of the sprite). So don't think you're witty and change the color of the visor or something.

-Do not change the color of the gun's muzzle flash, since the bulletpuff is the same sprite as the normal templar's shot, except bigger. It would be pointless to change the muzzle flash color, in other words.

-Optionally: Put the sprites in wad form, rename them, and align them if you love me.

You compensation will be... your name on the last page of the Main Manual. And an e-fist-bump.


  1. Maybe people would be more interested if you promised them to be their slave for a year... for any purpose.

  2. I don't think being a sex slave is worth a sprite set.


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