Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Software vs OGL poll, and an IRC Channel!

At the time of this posting, there is still nearly a day left in the vote, but things haven't budged for a couple days. So, safe to say that a scant 20% of ZDWars players use Software to play it. I'm honestly surprised.

For those who use Software, you might consider living in fear. At this point, there'd be no reason to use 3D floors, even if they were implemented in Competitive modes. But in the future, it COULD be a possiblity. :P

In other news, Mik57 is playing around with the map pack in preparation for my final look-through. The map changes are gonna' be pretty sweet. Remember that there is now a NODE-3 server, so get playin'!

Also, on irc.skulltag.com, there is now a #ZDoomWars, so jump in there and talk about ZDWars, give feedback, share strategies, etc. I may even divulge some info about development that's not even seen here. ;)

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