Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ZDoom Wars 2.4v2S1 is totally not mine

I just stumbled across a server hosting a file called zdoomwars204v2s1. Upon downloading the file and entering, I found two players named omnomnom and Noob playing what, to all intents and purposes, was ZDoom Wars. I attempted to speak to them, but spectator chat was off, and despite my best attempts, they would not acknowledge my presence.

I do not know what this file is, but it is not mine, and if those involved with its creation are reading this, I find it rather rude to simply append your own version name onto my work, rather than make a rename enough to not confuse people.

I don't know what is changed, etc, and don't care too much, but rename the file, please, rather than more or less inadvertently passing it off as my work.

I understand that I have never been completely clear on my stance on fan-made content for ZDoom Wars, though my rage-fests over the Duke 3D faction that was floating around is well known. Changing the files for private use is fine. Linking to them and failing to acknowledge that it is unofficial through either the file or server name is NOT.

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