Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tournament Participation Poll Results

Alright, so 22 people, 4 of which might get lag killed or DC in the middle of a match. That's alright. It won't be a long tournament, but it should work out fine. The tournament won't actually occur for a while. I want you fellows to be familiar with map pack 3 first.

You may have noticed a new entry in the Index, "Mapping for ZDoom Wars". If you want to make a ZDWars map, go ahead and read that, and if you still have questions, contact me however.

Anyway, Mik is presumably working on map pack 3, and once I receive it, I'll put a couple spoilers, etc to tide you over until release. Until that point, how about a list of the general gameplay and cosmetic changes coming in 2.5?

-Ghost Units are overall more useful
-Heretic, Hexen, and Strife summoners now use png graphics for the monster images
- New, custom ZDoom Wars HUD, by Firewolf. It displays health and both types of mana, with both bars and numerical values visible. It also works in Widescreen, and is easier to read than the default HUD at high resolutions.
-Mana items will now blink for a few seconds before vanishing.
-Player footstep sounds were broken.
-Some classes used incorrect frames in their HeroSuppression.Pain state.
-Each class now has game-appropriate blood.
-Hero indicators weren't moving at the right speed, and so were inaccurate.

The total list of changes to the Factions themselves will just have to wait until release! ;)

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