Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This blog and the accompanying forum are totally dead, bros. BUT...

As the title says. If you wish to contact me about ZDoom Wars, refer to the appropriate section below.

The Past:
If you're curious about how I did something, I may not remember, but it's worth a shot asking. Remember that the maps and music are credited in the manual, so there's no need to ask about that or specific sprites that are credited. Ask the authors, not me.

The Future
I no longer in any way work on ZDoom Wars. If you want to offer input, contact Repo Man or Banjoster, as they are working on an end-all, be-all version of ZDWars with my blessing, called "ZDoom Wars Optimized". I am not at all involved in that project, so any particulars are up to them. I trust them not to jack it up too badly. :P

How to contact me:

-pm me on the ZDoom Forums.

-E-mail me at d w sanchez @ g mail . com

I will gladly and dutifully answer your questions through those two channels of communication. I'll even say things like 'Thanks a bunch, man' instead of my standard essays on how much I hate you. Sarcastic questions will be wholly ignored.

For less reliable, but more personal and possibly quicker contact:

-You can find me on the ZDoom IRC channel. I'm not always on, and even when I am, sometimes I may be playing a game and so not actually be present. Don't get butthurt.

-At my steam account: Captain_Ventris. Don't forget that I am a grumpy old man, and often will not respond via Steam unless I really like you. Also, I may often be playing a game, and if it's particularly atmospheric, story driven, or I just don't feel like speaking to random dudes, I will not respond. If it's not clear who you are (and if I even know you at all), I am unlikely to friend you on Steam. You're still not allowed to get butthurt.

'Hey, what about ZDoom Wars 2?', I hear you say in the whiny voice I reserve for imitating the unwashed masses. I'm going to tackle this question riiight here. ZDoom Wars 2, as a Doom mod, is dead, and will never occur.

The more observant among you will notice that I did not say that ZDoom Wars 2 would never happen. My brother, myself, and a friend of ours have tossed about the idea of working on a couple actual commercial games with the Unreal Development Kit. THIS IS NOT ASSURED. THIS IS NOT A PROMISE. THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN. But it's an idea, and if it did happen, it would more than likely take YEARS. Naturally, one of these ideas is to make ZDWars 2, albeit under a different name and with original content.

I do not understand how business-stuff works. That's my brother's department, but nonetheless: If you are interested in aiding in any way, contact me, and make it clear what your skills are.

If you want to test, that's cool. If you can operate as a legitimate Graphic (logos, fonts etc.) artist, that's fantastic. If you can draw textures, fire away. If you can do 3D models in whatever format UDK likes, that's awesome. If you can code Unreal Script or C++, sweet. If you can map in UDK, or are willing to teach yourself, right on. If you have the capacity to record or create sound effects, tell me about it.

I request a sample of work, some sort of informal resume, that kind of thing.

To recap, the desired folks are:
-Graphic Artist (For logos, fonts etc.)
-Texture Artist
-3D modelers (in UDK-compatible formats)
-Coders (Unreal Script, C++, or both)
-UDK Mappers
-Sound Effect Makers/Recorders

I make no promises that you will be added to the development team in the case that this project occurs, and even if we are interested in your talents, there is no assurance that this project will ever occur, or that we will accept all promising applicants. I cannot speak for the business side of things, and at this point there is no basis on which to do so.

Given the lack of a time frame for this project, informing me of your interest is not an immediate, binding thing. You can change your mind later out of disinterest or a conflicting schedule when it is actually time to start working (if ever).

Anyways, this will be my last post here, so if you skipped here for the TL;DR version: Suck it up and read the whole post.


  1. But since this amazing mod will truly never die since there will always be a server running it some where on Doomseeker. It save to say that even though you left the project and you friends are working on a "end all version" of this mod there will always be people working on new factions and new maps (for example there is a Duke Nukem faction and a Realm faction and some unofficial map packs are out there and these new factions and maps are on servers on doomseeker). So don't think that zdoom wars 1 will just die out slowly and eventually fade away into inexistence because as long as I have some free time on my hands I will be working on new maps and helping out other modders make new fations to help keep this truly amazing idea alive. So with that I thank you Captain Ventris and all who helped you make this mod and for working on it as long as you all did:D!

    P.S. Now that you are no longer the leader I can finally say that even though you made this mod and it must of been hard and all you were a fucking pompous ass about alot of things (especially when people tried to help with suggestions of any kind). I know some people's ideas are ridiculous at heart but because they are persistent that doesn't make them retarded. So for all who have been talked down too, been made fun of, or ignored by you because they had a suggestion FUCK YOU! Ok you freaking drama queen soo ty for the mod and good riddance that you are leaving. Queer

  2. It stirs my heart to read such a brave, emotional story such as yours. I feel inspired simply being in your E-presence. Bravo, sir, bravo.

  3. Yo Ventris have a good life and such I'm totally going to email you and converse with you about evil malicious things.


  4. Ty captain ventris for reading my message that really moves me:')

    I promise you your creation will never truly die but live on as an inspiration to new modders to turn their dreams into realities but most importantly to never give up!

    Good bye Captain Ventris... you will be missed


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