Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ZDoom Wars Public Beta 3.1 now available!

 And it's pretty cool.

 NOTE: Slime Meteors and Carriers just aren't going to work right until Skulltag has SXF_TRANSFERPOINTERS. Sorry.


Balance Changes:
-The health bar will now scroll much faster, so you can assess how much damage you've taken quicker!

New Additions:
-All Hero and elite Units have healthbars over their heads now.

-Each class now has differing health values, and each spawn with something unique. This is covered in each faction's manual. C-375 has gone unchanged.

-Manuals and quick reference sheet updated. Combat units with support or non-combat abilities are now more clearly demarcated.

-All summoners will now not be switched to when unlocked, and non-basic units will not auto-fire if the button is held. Tap to spam these guys. This protects against accidentally spawning two barons of hell or what not.

-Sound improvements, courtesy of ReDoom. The Cyberdemon has a new death sound, the Chaingunners and the Mastermind will have beefier

sounding guns, and numerous blood splats, footsteps, and bullet pinging sounds are upgraded.

-Finally found the psd file for the credits screen. It has been updated.

-All gibs and deathsplosions are now clientside. Apparently they weren't before. :|

-Evilspacetomato has revised the ACS to be much more streamlined.

Bug Fixes:
-Small things with green or blue blood will no longer be tossed about when they bleed. Thusly, Flemoids charging a Chaingunner will be

more effective, and Flemoid units' superior weight will be able to be brought to bear.

-Evilspacetomato fixed the bug where the cooldown image was not in time with the actual cooldown.

-Hero summon projectiles now uniformly use the same graphics and sounds.

Map Pack:
-The pit in the center of Wierd Bases has been removed and replaced by some decoration on the ground.
-Each base in Wierd Bases now has a one-way teleport to another base. The opening of each teleport depends on where players spawn.
-The number of fireballs in Wierd Bases has been halved to reduce lag.

-Reduced the unit holding capacity and raised the vulnerability of the Hall of Death in Da Void.
-Got rid of a couple of useless platforms in Da Void.
-Improved a couple fortifications in Da Void.
-Increased the size of the automatic elevator in Da Void, and slightly decreased its wait time.

-Changed the script numbers in Valley to avoid conflicts.

-Some texture misalignments in Blazing Colosseum were fixed.

-Turmoil and Command and Conquer had their sky heights lowered some.

-Enabled heroes to enter the tomb in Grimwald.
-Changed the bars in the tomb in Grimwald to a low barrier to weaken the fortifications.
-Made the side platforms in the Grimwald tomb smaller.
-Made the side entrances in the Grimwald tomb larger.
-Adjusted the sound blocking lines in the Grimwald Cavern.

-A malfunctioning pit in Something Epic was fixed.

Balance Changes:
-Zombieman accuracy increased from a 10 degree variance to a 9 degree variance.

-Imp attack speed increased by 1 tic.
-Imp fireball speed increased from 20 to 25.

-Spider Mastermind max damage raised from 18 to 19.

-It now only takes 5 mancubus to unlock Arachnotrons, down from 8.
-It now only takes 4 Arachnotrons to unlock the Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon, down from 6.

-Baron of Hell and Hell Knight speed increased from 9 to 10.

-Pain Elemental price lowered from 40/24 to 35/12.
-Dual Pain Elemental price lowered from 50/26 to 40/14.
-Pain Elemental retrofit price lowered from 15 to 10.

-Arachnotrons now have an 18 tic wind up period before beginning their attack.
-Arachnotron projectile speed reduced from 35 to 30.

Bug Fixes:
-Pre-upgraded Revenants took 12 to unlock Mancs, instead of 6.

Balance Changes:
-Dismounted D'Sparil's projectile will now force radius damage.

Bug Fixes:
-When unlocking the Nitro Mummy Ghosts with Nitro Mummies, you were not notified that you had also unlocked the Mummy Upgrade.

Balance Changes:
-Swamp Stalker health boosted from 200 to 250.
-Boosted the firing height of the Swamp Stalker's projectile by 12 units.
-Swamp Stalker projectile damage boosted from 8 to 10.

-Only half of Zedek's attack now effects ghosts.
-Lengthened Zedek's attack state by 6 tics (after the attack itself).

-Lengthened Traductus' attack state by 6 tics (after the attack itself).

Bug Fixes:
-The last frame of the summoning animation was too high up.

-Enchant particles were not client side. Yeah, I know.

-Korax cost 10 less normal mana than he was supposed to.

Balance Changes:
-The Order Turret Ranged attack has been reduced to 3 bullets, down from 4.
-Order Turrets can no longer hit ghosts. Rejoice.

-Spectre A price lowered from 70/60 to 70/40. Because really, Spectre B is 80/40. :|

-Acolytes did not have obituaries.

Bug Fixes:
-Order Turret wrecks were solid.


Bug Fixes:
-First person to read to here gets slow applause that they'll never hear.

-Upgraded Common Flemoids had 10 more health. D:

Balance Changes:
-Turret attack rate slowed by 2 tics.

-Spreadshot turret attack spread reduced from a 4 degree variance to 3.
-Spreadshot turret minimum damage raised from 3 to 4.

Bug Fixes:
-The Land Unit upgrade actually decreased the Felix's health until both iterations have been bought. The health value for the first upgrade is now 4600, and 4750 for the second.

-Turrets did not change appearance immediately upon being retrofitted.


  1. Little heads up.

    The Flem Meteor says it costs 40/20


    It can jump from 40/20 to 40/30 when summoned (cost wise)

  2. "-All summoners will now not be switched to when unlocked, and non-basic units will not auto-fire if the button is held. Tap to spam these guys. This protects against accidentally spawning two barons of hell or what not."

    Now are some monsters on auto-fire and some monsters not. It is confusing. I wanna summon ten cacodemons - now i have to 10x click :(. I wanna summon two revs realy quick in one place. No chance now. Auto-fire was problem?


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