Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ZDoom Wars Public Beta 3.0

After a couple days of gay download errors and WhoDaMan trying to gain Amnesty, it is finally here.

New Additions:
-Caverns music is different. You obviously don't need to download the updated music pack, but you can. It's a song from Stargunner. (jk it's not up for download, wait till 3.1)

Bug Fixes:
-There was a typo on the Help screen.

Map Pack:
-The plateau containing the green structure is now reachable from the ground in battlefield 1994.

-Fixed Sound Blocking lines in Grimwald, Greater Crucible, and System Reboot.

-Platforms at gate base in Despair Canyon are now larger.

-The System Reboot side-bases now have no doors and some platforms have been removed/made more accessible.

-Caverns has been adjusted to prevent monsters from crowding in corners. The center and the bridges therein should be a focal point of the action now.

-Red Canyon has been slightly updated by Whodaman with minor playability changes. The hanging bodies that blocked spawns are gone,

some passageways are larger, and there are some new platforms in the center.

-The starting message on Lesser Crucible should now be correct.

Balance Changes:
-Flame Mancubus now use the "Suppression 2" damage type, which deals 1.3 times damage against units who are also vulnerable to Snipers.

-Chaingunner ranged attack variance lowered from 10 degrees to 9.

-Barons of Hell can now hit ghosts, and their ranged damage was boosted from 10 to 11.

Balance Changes:
-Pods can now only spawn up to 15 other pods.
-Primogenitor Pods now have only have 400 health.
-Primogenitor Pods are now slightly larger.

-D'Sparil's serpent will now spit 2 fireballs when at full health, and 4 when at low health.

-10 Ghost Nitro Mummies are now required to unlock Clinks. Before, it could be done with 29 of any type of mummy, and 1 Ghost Nitro Mummy. Progress chart updated accordingly.

Balance Changes:
-Swamp Stalkers now have a 72 unit melee range.
-Swamp Stalker projectile speed raised from 15 to 20.
-Changed the Swamp Stalker burrowing sound to a sound from Starcraft.

-Traductus speed reduced by 2.

-Menelkir speed raised by 3.

Bug Fixes:
-Swamp Stalkers were stuck in the sector they were spawned in due to an inheritance issue.

Balance Changes:
-Order Turrets will now not fire its alarm beams if the foe is within combat range.
-Order Turrets will now appear a tiny bit larger.
-Order Turrets will now only fire one alarm beam instead of three, to reduce lag.
-Order Turret max engagement range reduced to 18000 units, from 20000.
-Order Turrets are now solid, because Turret Gods are for weenies.
-Order Turret price raised from 10/4 to 12/5.

-Templar ranged attack variance decreased from 13 degrees to 11.
-Templar minmissilechance reduced from 200 to 190 (will shoot more often).

-The Entity is now 3/4ths its original size.
-Entity speed raised from 16 to 18.
-Entity Minmissile chance lowered from 55 to 50 (It will shoot more often).
-The Entity will now try and maintain a 3000 unit distance from foes.

Bug Fixes:
-The Order turret didn't have an Obituary.
-The Order turret's summonball was the wrong width.
-Order Turrets did not drop mana.

-Alien Spectres and The Entity have obituaries now.

Balance Changes:
-Slime Carriers will now create less Flem Spores and Resurrection slime as a result of re-solidifying Flem Spores and Resurrection slime.

-Slime Meteors now spawn at a much, much higher rate, but only when the enemy is not only within sight, but within 1800 units.

-Flem Spores and Resurrection Slimes are now solid once more.

-Lord Snotfolus' height has been reduced from 132 to 126 so that he can traverse standard 128 unit tall halls.

Bug Fixes:
-Some jumps in the Slime Carrier were inoperable, thus the Slime Carrier didn't properly weaken as it was hurt.

-Slime Carriers and Flem Meteors should spawn things that actually fight now. Hopefully.

Balance Changes:
-Drone minmissilechance lowered from 140 to 135 (slightly increased fire rate).
-Drone health buffed from 40 to 45.

-Shield Drones will now try to keep a small distance between themselves and enemies.

-Leader health increased from 3500 to 3800.

-Land Carrier minmissilechance reduced from 70 to 60 (it will shoot more often).

-Turrets will now have a quicker reaction time.

Bug Fixes:
-Preupgraded Spreadshot turrets had a slower See state animation.


  1. hi how download the zdoom wars file???

  2. Click the "ZDoom Wars Downloads" link at the top of the Blog page, and then download ZDoomWars300.pk3, and ZDoomWars300Maps.wad


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