Monday, May 10, 2010


So, it seems that the winning poll option is going to be putting in both versions of Despair Canyon, but there's a problem with that...

...How am I exactly supposed to do that? I mean, having one take up a slot on the next map pack would be a total rip off for the mappers, and take away a map that many enjoy for months, but I would also dislike having to name it ZDWars2v2 or something dumb, and set a precedent for keeping older versions of the map, which is counter-productive.

...What if the new version was just made significantly less campy? Is that objectionable? Just... balance it out between the two versions? Therefore, it would cater to both the berzerker types as well as the tacticians, as the fortifications would be minimized?


P.S. Yes, I'm a fan of early voting. There's no reason to delay clicking the check box, it's the internet.

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