Saturday, May 29, 2010

Public Beta 2.8 OUT!

Alrighty, this is a good one. :D



New Additions:
-Grimwald now has a new music track. Music Pack updated.
-Dead Haze now has a new music track. Music Pack updated.
-Despair Canyon now has a new music track. Music Pack updated.

-The Heretic Teleport fog is now used instead of the Strife Teleport fog.

-There is now an image to display your progress in unlocking units. This is toggled using the Strife Objectives key, so bind that to turn it on or off if need be. It appears in the right, upper corner of the screen.

-The HUD will now always be in the lower right corner, no matter the resolution, and will still be visible with the automap open. In addition, the mana and hero mana bars are now labeled.

Bug Fixes:
-Manuals updated and corrected in a couple instances.

-Health will now work properly in the event of a telefrag.

Map Pack:
-Sauerkraut has decorated and expanded Grimwald, providing operable gates and enhanced fortifications.

-The Crucible maps have been upgraded.

-The randomly scrolling floor in Valley has been fixed.
-The step that prevented the land bridge from being useful has been fixed.

-Raised the roof of the elevator and surrounding area in Tech Monolith.

-Changed the script numbers in Blazing Colosseum to prevent script conflicts with the Hero notifications.

-The walls of the chip on System Reboot are now 96 units wide.

-Adjusted all three bases in Despair Canyon, weakening the Hell Base and making the Gate Base less defensible, and making the Trench Base have some better firing arcs and making the battlements more useable.

-The timing was a little off on Lord Malvadious' spawn time.
-The Malvadious actor was moved so it will roam about before being released more reliably.
-There is now a dividing wall in the cage in the south end of city of Chaos.
-Lord Malvadious is now more persistent.
-One of Lord Malvadious' attacks was buffed.
-Lord Malvadious' stepping sounds are now better in sync.
-Lord Malvadious now has an incredibly destructive and dangerous death sequence.


Balance Changes:
-The Spider Mastermind now spawns bullets from 8 units higher.
-The Spider Mastermind has been reduced in size from .85 it's original size, to .75.

-Imp health increased from 90 to 100.
-Imp speed increased from 8 to 9.

-Shotgunguy accuracy increased from a 13 degree variance to a 12 degree variance.

-Zombieman attack wind-up reduced by 1 tic.

Bug Fixes:
-Spectre Gibs are now transparent.


Balance Changes:
-The Iron Lich's Whirlwind no longer forces radius damage, so it can't hurt itself. This makes the attack ineffective against heroes, but it was primarly anti-infantry to begin with.

Bug Fixes:
-Normal mummies couldn't be used to unlock Clinks and Disciples.


Balance Changes:
-Afrit health buffed from 50 to 60.
-Afrit attack sped up by 3 tics.
-Afrit Enchanted Death shot speed increased from 20 to 30.
-Afrit Enchanted Death shot now homes in.
-Afrit fireball speed increased from 16 to 22.

-Wraith melee and ranged attacks sped up by 3 tics.
-Wraith health increased from 300 to 320.

-Menelkir minmissile chance raised from 85 to 100 (He'll shoot less).

-All Enchantment effects will not longer reflect.

-Enchanted Serpent projectiles now pierce invulnerability.

-Slightly increased the range of the Enchanted Centaur projectiles.

-Only the first two projectiles in Traductus' attack will now hit ghosts.

-Bishops are now immune to non-forced radius damage.
-Bishops can now be enchanted. Details in the manual.

Bug Fixes:
-Korax's summonball was, get this, twice as wide as it was supposed to be.

-Did a code rewrite to prevent Homing Serpents from appearing green. We'll see if it worked.

-The Bishop now has a short animation in which he closes the magic portal in front of him before going back to his See state.

-Menelkir's walking animation has been slowed down.

-The slaughtaur's unlock message was misspelled.


Balance Changes:
-Reaver melee max damage reduced by 1, and melee attack speed slowed by 1 tic.
-Reaver health reduced from 300 to 280.
-Reaver melee range reduced from 72 to 68.
-Reaver speed reduced from 12 to 11.

-The Programmer's lightning bolt damage has been reduced from 13 to 11.
-the Programmer's lightning now deals Ridiculous damage.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a graphical bug with the Spectre A spawner.

-The Repair drone no longer drops mana.

-The Programmer's attack frames had some translucency issues.


Bug Fixes:
-The Cyclops flemoid sprites are now aligned to more accurately represent their position.


Balance Changes:
-Felix health increased from 4000 to 4500.
-Felix minmissilechance reduced from 100 to 50 (He should shoot more often).
-All of the Felix's attacks were majorly buffed.

Bug Fixes:
-The Mill's laser pierced invulnerability.

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