Thursday, May 13, 2010

Public Beta 2.7 released!


New Additions:
-Updated and corrected the Hexen, Strife, and Virus Manuals.

Bug Fixes:
-Player footstep sounds should no longer occur while in the air, or swimming.

-A couple sprites were accidentally removed as part of the 2.6 clean-up.

-There are no longer traces of red in the green blood.

-Got rid of a couple harmless but annoying console messages.

Map Pack:
-Monsters will now die if they fall off the level in Something Epic. The pits are no longer hidden deepwater sectors, so lingering debris won't slow down the game as a fight goes on.

-Fixed some visual issues in several maps.

-There was a lamp on one of the elevators in Doom City Outskirts.

-Fixed an exploit in Battlefield 1994.

-There was no south spawn point in Wierd Bases.

-Added sound-blocking lines to Grimwald.

-Made some anti-camping adjustments to Despair Canyon. The Gate switch is easier to get to, the trench base is more open, and the Hell base now has a ground entrance.

Balance Changes:

-The Vile Pulse is now on key 7, so that it is separated from the units, like the other factions.

Balance Changes:

-Undead Knights' red axes now only drip half as much blood, to reduce lag.

Bug Fixes:
-The Barrage Weredragon's fireball wasn't animating.

-"Maulotaur" was misspelled in the unlock message.

-The Iron Lich's whirlwind was not animating correctly.

Balance Changes:

-Menelkir's shot damage has been raised from 6 to 10.
-Menelkir's minmissilechance has been reduced from 90 to 85. (He will shoot more)

-Chaos Serpents can now be Enchanted if they are retrofitted, and can then be re-retrofitted or re-enchanted at any later time.
-Same for preupgraded Serpents.
-Chaos Serpents are no longer immune to radius damage, but enchanted serpents will no longer be able to harm other Chaos Serpents at range.

Bug Fixes:
-The radius of Enchant will now effect Chaos Serpents.

-The Death Wyvern's tooltip did not specify its cooldown time.

Balance Changes:

-The Inquisitor's grenade attack has been sped up by 4 tics.
-The Inquisitor's Rifle attack has been sped up by 2 tics.

-Spectre A now has 3500 health, up from 3000.

-Spectre B now has 4000 health, up from 3000.

-Both types of Spectre will now try to back away from opponents when within 2000 units.

Bug Fixes:
-The invisible Rez actor employed by robots effected by the Repair Drone did not disappear as they were supposed to. They now only exist for two minutes, and have 200 health. This should solve the issue with monsters striking at invisible targets.

Balance Changes:

-Reduced Snotfolus' main slimeball damage from 24 to 22.

Balance Changes:

-Many of the Virus units have been shifted forward in key selection, due to a bug with selecting the turrets with your number keys. The selection for Virus units now spans 6 keys.

-Upgraded Spores now take no extra damage from Snipers.
-Upgraded Spores now have 50% resistance to KaBoom damage, changed from a 30% resistance.
-Upgraded Spores now have 20% resistance to Suppression Damage
-Upgraded Spores now have 20% resistance to Ridiculous Damage.

-A Prism's first shot in its firing state now has a 4 degree variance, up from 3. The second shot still has only a 3 degree variance.

-Virus speed reduced from 16 to 15.
-Virus will not only begin to back up when within 800 units, down from 1000 units.
-Virus fire rate has been slowed by 4 tics.

-Virus unit death explosions now deal KaBoom damage.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a selection bug with the Turret.

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