Saturday, May 22, 2010

2.8 Report

Just now, Neuralstunner, MisterCat, and Kate helped me make Health work correctly in the event of a telefrag, so they honestly, really won't be an issue in 2.8.

The music pack will be updated in 2.8, though right now only the track for Grimwald is set to change. Others may follow suit.

The wad is going to use the Heretic Telefog instead of the Strife Telefog, since it looked odd with D'Sparil's Disciples.

There are also a few cosmetic fixes besides that, mostly to fix bugs. For example, the Cyclops flemoid's sprites are going to be better aligned to represent its actual position.

Grimwald is also recieving an update which increases its size a bit, and buffs up the forts, with a couple gates added in, and the water treatment plant thing getting a rehaul.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I'd agree on that, D'Sparil's disciples looked real faggy coming out of the Strife teleport, and I never noticed the Cyclops thing.


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