Sunday, April 4, 2010

ZDWars version 2.5V2, post ridiculous version, now out!

Some good changes here. Really stabilizes the new stuff, and even gives a shot in the arm to some of the Map Pack 3 Maps.

Full changelog:

Bug Fixes:
-Got rid of the A_Queuecorpse commands, which were apparently useless anyway.

Map Pack:
-An Updated version of Flame Temple has been swapped in. The map can now theoretically support 4 players, and has another statue - of an Inquisitor.

-An Updated version of Red Canyon has been swapped in. The bases look much nicer, and there is a large new area with an additional fortress and new base connections.

-The doors in Command and Conquer are now Repeatable Lines, so they can be opened and closed as you please.

-Updated the author's name in Despair Canyon.

-There is an updated version of City of Chaos, with new rooms and awesomeness.

-Updated the author's name in The City of Chaos and Turmoil.


Balance Changes:
-Chaingunner health increased from 180 to 220.


Balance Changes:
-Ghost Undead Knight health increased from 330 to 380.
-Ghost Undead Knight melee range increased from 72 to 84.

-Mounted D'Sparil now has the MISSILEMORE flag.
-Dismounted D'Sparil now has the MISSILEEVENMORE flag.
-Mounted D'Sparil minmissilechance decreased from 110 to 100 (an increase in fire rate).

-Barrage Weredragon projectile's radius damage removed. Direct damage increased from 6 to 7.
-Yeah, I had no recollection of making them do radius damage. Anyway, Barrage Weredragons should no longer do radius damage, and therefore not hurt themselves.

Bug Fixes:
-Disciples will no longer ghost on and off during their attack state, since it interfered with the Ghost Wave ability.


Balance Changes:
-Afrit Enchanted Death projectile damage raised from 7 to 9.

-Zedek and Traductus will now strafe less.

Bug Fixes:
-Chaos Serpent Enchantment was broken.
-Homing Chaos Serpent fireballs didn't use all the appropriate frames.


Balance Changes:
-Increased the Programmer's minmissilechance from 115 to 180. (less shooting)
-Decreased the Programmer's speed from 24 to 22.

-Spectre A will now fire two projectiles per attack, instead of one.

-Rebel speed boosted from 8 to 9.

Bug Fixes:
-Adjusted some flags with the Programmer.

-Spectres no longer have the +SHADOW flag.


New Additions:
-Added in obituaries from CQ3.


Balance Changes:
-The Felix has been given a minmissilechance of 100. (more shooting)

Bug Fixes:
-The Upgraded Spore projectile inherited from the wrong actor.


  1. Niiiiiice

    can't wait to use dsparil in this version

    also I hope the inquisitor in the Flametemple
    can fire over the little wall, I remember way
    back with the Duke Faction nonesense that the
    Inquisitor's gun couldnt shoot over the little
    wall thing (if the map hasn't changed from since)

  2. Nice one Captain Ventris

  3. You forgot to fix bug in the cavern in Grimwald


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