Saturday, April 17, 2010


So, bit of a server issue right now. Obsidian ran over their Bandwidth for this month, CLUB is changing hands and might suck when it's back (there might be server cuts), so all you guys are left with is Oblacek for the time being.

In short, bug Jenova to put up the Best Ever servers. :P

Also, if any of you know who runs the Oblacek server, tell him it's fine to let the Spectators chat with the players. D:

EDIT: Also, there is a new page about hosting ZDWars servers, that can be accessed via the side bar.


  1. Oblacek servers suck sadly... Because the real guy who owns them isn't there an a friend of him who's a stupid f*ck in charge of there. Let me explain :

    I go to him, asking him to turn the no chat flag off, saying you asked him... I had a ton of nonsense crap thrown onto my face. That's not it... They don't even have the latest map set! When I asked him if they forgot to add those to the maplist he said it was on purpose; and that those maps were "campy, boring, noobish" ... When I insisted on a more "logical" answer he said "Bud I'm evil"

    Now look at this case. We have an evil dictator... (Not to mention he keeps changing the map to 7, if not successful by votes, by his RCON) I really want another server which is more fair to the players to be here. Obsidian servers were awesome, I hope they come back as soon as possible ;(

  2. Bejeebus. That would definitely explain why people haven't been playing on there. :/

    Good news is that I might get RCON when the Obsidian server comes back up next month, though there will likely be one server, not two, due to bandwidth usage, which was actually on my suggestion, seeing as Eruanna is running other wads.

  3. I have great news Ventris ! I had reply from the owner of the server today ! He said he would apply all the changes you requested ! There's one minor issue, do you know which flag the "no spectator chat" is ? He doesn't know :/

  4. Well, good to know the hosts read this. :P

    To let the specs chat, you type "lms_spectatorchat 3", I believe. Tell me when he's got that in. I assume map pack 3 has been added into the rotation, then?

  5. Avernus here, forgot to mention;

    For all future requests on that server and such.

  6. Let me put the exact reply.


    thx for your info - I will change maplist during future restart of ZD server.
    But I'm not sure about described flag... can you post me some more info about it (type of flags, flags' value)? Thx for your cooperation.

  7. In the console: RCON lms_spectatorchat 3

    Alrighty, then. It's not my server, obviously, that page is just the ideal guidelines for server settings.


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