Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I don't believe I've actually mentioned this, but Damage is officially a mapper for ZDoom Wars, and is working in Concert with Mik57 on the map pack.

As is, Mik57 first makes gameplay changes, and then sends the pack to Damage, who will be doing detail work. At this point, the map pack is in Damage's hands, so 2.6 shouldn't be too far off, and as mentioned before, will pack some tasy map changes as well as balancing and some bug fixes.

I've been at a gaming convention here in San Antonio called Chimaeracon this past weekend, thus the inactivity on ZDWars servers. Now that I'm again able to work on this in my freetime, I may toss out the Heretic monster pack or something.

Anyway, I received yet another Map Pack 4 submission this weekend, but there are still open slots, and there can always be another pack! Just don't count on seeing your map in action within the next... the next, uh... long time span. The good news is that I'm feeling more and more confident about the wad's balance, and there are a couple other handy developments at hand as far as the map pack and such that can help set the stage for the long-promised tournament at some future date. :D


  1. Well, don't be expecting the next ZDW mapset to have maps with fire raining down from the sky or anything that extravagant.
    My philosophy on detailing is: It's the little things that matter the most.

    In the heat of a battle most people aren't gonna notice some correctly aligned textures, or flats rotated ans resized via ACS to correspond with the surrounding architecture, but over time, tiny texture fixes, and little additions here and there compound and work together in a fashion that create a map in which the textures flow smoothly from one another, and there are few places where it is "bare."

    In due time hopefully my little architectural fixes and additions will compound and become noticeable. Maybe every now and again I'll throw in something big, like flaming skies :P

    (JK, you will get no flaming skies, do you know how much lag a flaming sky causes?! I'm not gonna put you guys through that in an online game!)

  2. Well actually, people spectate for 3 hours, so I'm pretty sure texture misalignments get noticed. :P

    Also, Flame Temple already has a flaming sky aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. To me a flaming sky means a sky in which fire (giant fireballs, if you will) rains down from it (From the top of the skybox into the actual level, it's a very neat effect. It's been done in a couple high-end wads that I've seen. And it's copyable. But I've always found it pretty laggy, and it would be unnecessary for ZDW.

  4. Like in UTNT, I think? If they were client-side, +NOINTERACTION, etc. you could probably get away with it. Putting more than the fireballs in Wierd Bases would be redonkulous anyway.

  5. Well yea, but I was using it as an example, because most people who play ST and don't visit forums have most likely not played some of the good wads that you don't find online all the time.

    So to them a sky that rains fire would be unimaginable. I'll think of something even crazier and unthinkable to say next time, so even you will not be able to rebut against my figurative language mastery!

    I'll just leave it at... I'll do some work on the map pack yea, mhm. This was an unnecessarily drawn out conversation, why must I always have the last word?

    Also, I am a narwhal.


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