Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New banner Background, and some previews of 2.6

Just for teh lulz.

Now I've already brought up the Despair Canyon and Caverns rehaul, and the beginnings of the map pack 1 and 2 visual updates, so now some about the gameplay. 2.6 will resolve some bugs, as usual, and refine some of the nice changes made in 2.5, as well as solving a couple minor gameplay nitpicks that will work to make the wad play just a little smoother overall. For example:

-non-flying heroes can now never fall off of ledges, or be forced off of them, even by Loremasters.
      Yup, no more frustration with your hero ending up where they aren't supposed to be. Heroes are too epic to get pushed around like that! Note that they can still be pushed about by gunfire, and yanked by Loremasters, they just won't fall off cliffs.

-Undead Ghost Knight price raised from 10/4 to 10/5 due to their recent improvements.

     Well, with the improvements to the Undead Ghost Knight (increased melee range, health, etc.) in order to make there be a defineable difference between the two types of Knight, the standard Undead Knight was seriously obsolete. So now the Undead Ghost Knight will be two Hero Mana more in cost, which can stack up. So the more stingy types might actually opt to use standard Undead Knights (with Ghost Wave, if necessary).

-Barrage Weredragon's secondary projectile can no longer hit Ghosts.
     Barrage Weredragons are great. Spectacular, in fact. A battery of them could be nigh impregnable. So now, though they will retain their standard effectiveness, and still be able to effect ghosts more than normal Weredragons, Ghost units will at least be more resistant to their attacks so that Barrage Weredragons have a definable weakness of some sort.

-Zedek nerf.
     Seriously, he has 1200 health. Why, you ask? Because it was the longest time before I realized he was hurting himself, and kept trying to make him useful by buffing his health. Now, that's being turned down a notch, and the radius of his explosive attack is less significant, so he might actually be able to be overwhelmed.

-Inquisitor is more awesome across the board.
     More accurate rifle, bigger grenade explosion with forced, KaBoom type damage, actually using his rifle when up close. He'll be pretty sweet, though the direct damage of the grenades is reduced to compensate for the forced explosion damage.

-Programmer balanced further.
     He's cheap, let's face it. Now he'll take longer to conjure a lightning storm, and will shoot a little less. Still, his health has been bumped up to 2600, so his greater vulnerability and lessened omnipotence won't make him suck.

-Buffed Entity.
     He'll attack faster, and shoot multiple projectiles for some attacks (which, by the way, Spectre A and B already do, to a lesser degree).

-Normal turrets will be able to hit ghosts again.
     The recent Ghost revision made Virus lulz against Ghosts, and turrets nearly useless in some instances. So, in 2.6, a Virus player will want to not only use turrets, but mix in the two types: the choice between hitting Ghosts, or oodles of firepower? The Spreadshot turret's attack speed is also increased, so expect massive resistance when facing them.

And that's just some of the big stuff I have lined up. There are other, more minor changes, and quite a few bug fixes. The maps are undergoing some more work, as mentioned before, with a couple bug fixes and minor issues solved (Yes, Lord Maldovious will be really powerful).

Fun fact: Valley is getting a bit of a renovation. Yup. The old staple map is getting some fresh air.

Anyway, I, for one, am excited to see the result of Mik and Damage's first joint venture, because believe it or not, I don't get to see the maps other than an occasional screenshot until the pack is all done. :P

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