Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ZDoom Wars 2.5 and Map Pack 3 Released!

At long last, Version 2.5 of ZDoom Wars, along with Map Pack 3, has been released. Click the download link at the top of the blog page and retrieve all the files!

The complete changelog:


Balance Changes:
-Units that cost only 2 mana no longer drop anything upon death.

-Ghost Units are overall more useful, due to several changes (see below)

-Retrofit Summoners are now listed just after the monster they effect, Pre-upgraded monsters are next to Retrofits, and some monsters were reordered to reflect their relative power.

-Many Heroes weren't immune to Radius Damage as they should be.

New Additions:
-Manuals updated, etc, with new purty stuff that makes it easier to use.
-Added flavor text to the monster profiles in the manuals from the original game manuals.

-Mana will now work correctly after respawning.

-Barrage Weredragons now have their own sprites, courtesy of Banjoster.

-Heretic, Hexen, and Strife summoners now use png graphics.

-Weird Bases now uses a High Quality version of the music it had previously.

-Introduced a "Ridiculous" damage type, used to make heroes resistant to certain things. Heroes only take 60% damage from Ridiculous damage.

-New, custom ZDoom Wars HUD, by Firewolf. It displays health and both types of mana, with both bars and numerical values visible. It also works in Widescreen, and is easier to read than the default HUD at high resolutions.

-Mana items will now blink for a few seconds before vanishing. Suggested by Zal. Don't know why I didn't do this before!

-Those who voted that something in the wad would be retarded were, of course, correct.

Bug Fixes:

-Player footstep sounds were broken.
-Some classes used incorrect frames in their HeroSuppression.Pain state.

-Each class now has game-appropriate blood.

-Hero indicators weren't moving at the right speed, and so were inaccurate.

Map Pack:
-You may notice that there are 8 brand new maps. Check the manual for Map descriptions. The descriptions will be more filled out and such in later versions.

-Weird Bases rehauled. Name purposefully misspelled for no clear reason.

-Battlefield 1994 rehauled.

-You can no longer spawn monsters outside the level in Dead Haze.

-A monster-blocking line in Valley was removed.
-Added some more sound-blocking lines in Valley.

-Lesser Crucible, though keeping its name, has been replaced by Greater Crucible, which has been replaced by an even greater Crucible map.

-Courtyard Teleport in Tech Monolith now only works for players.
-Fixed the HOM in the Courtyard Teleport destination.
-You can no longer go outside the wall in Tech Monolith.


Balance Changes:
-Several unit prices shifted to have less normal mana cost, but more hero mana cost.

-The Shotgunguy will now be BRIGHT during his firing state, for the sake of Software users.

-Cyberdemon price raised from 120/100, to 130/115

-Mancubus now deal "Ridiculous" damage. Heroes only take 60% damage from this damagetype.
-Mancubus damage reduced from 14 to 13.
-Mancubus projectile speed increased from 22 to 24.

-Flame Mancubus now fire 2 more flames per attack.
-Flame Mancubus projectiles now live for 2 tics longer.

-Normal Lost Soul health boosted from 40 to 60.
-Normal Lost Souls now take 120% damage from Suppression and KaBoom damage type attacks.
-Lost Souls from Dual Elementals are now slightly smaller, to differentiate them a bit.
-Lost Souls from Dual Elementals now take 150% damage from Suppression and KaBoom damage type attacks.
-Increased the dimensions of the Lost Soul Projectile.
-The Lost Soul Projectile can now be shot in midair, to reduce the times the soul deals damage despite being stopped midair.

-Pain Elementals may now only use their missile attack 40 times during the course of their life.

-Preupgraded Rail Revenants took longer to fire than retrofitted ones.
-Revenant melee damage reduced from 20 to 18.
-Rail Rev accuracy increased from a 5 degree variance to a 4 degree variance.

-Revenant's dumbfire rockets can no longer hit Ghosts.

-Arachnotron health decreased from 850 to 800.

-Spider Mastermind minimum damage raised from 12 to 14.
-Spider mastermind accuracy increased from 9 degrees of variance, to 8.


Balance Changes:
-Ghost Wave radius increased from 125 to 175.

-Gargoyle and Gargoyle Leader mass reduced to 30.

-Disciples of D'Sparil no longer temporarily lose their Ghost Status while firing.

-Iron Lich's secondary Ice shards did not use the Hero Suppression damage type.

-Barrage Weredragon secondary projectiles now can only fly upwards at a pitch of 60 degrees max, down from 90.
-Barrage Weredragons are now immune to their secondary projectiles, enemy's or otherwise.

-Maulotaur Melee damage increased from 36 to 45.
-Maulotaur health increased from 4000 to 4200.

Bug Fixes:
-You are now notified when you unlock the mummy upgrade, since you actually have to unlock Nitro Ghost Mummies to recieve it.


Balance Changes:
-Enchant particle size increased slightly.

-Ettin painchance lowered from 60 to 50.
-Ettin enchantment now also delivers damage on strike.
-Enchanted Ettin hit knock-back force raised from 500 to 750.
-Chance of Enchanted Ettin hit raised by 10.
-Frame count in the Upgraded Ettin's pain state rearranged to be more efficient. They now get a full 25 tics of reflection, with less wasted frames, making the defense more effective.

-There is now a more significant visual effect for the Afrit Enchanted Death.
-Afrit Enchanted Death damage buffed.

-All Chaos Serpents are now immune to radius damage.

-Chaos Serpent Enchanted Projectile buffed in both explosive damage and explosive radius.

-Homing Chaos Serpent projectiles now home in less effectively.

-Enchant ability radius increased from 125 to 200.

-Centaur Enchanted Defense effect increased in size.

-Bishops can no longer hit Ghosts.
-Decreased the number of projectiles fired by a Bishop, but increased the per-projectile damage to compensate. The purpose of this is to reduce lag.

-Wraith speed increased from 13 to 14.
-Wraiths now have the +MISSILEMORE flag.

-Heresiarch health boosted from 4000 to 4500.
-Heresiarch bouncing, flaming head damage increased from 10 to 18.
-Heresiarch purple sphere damage increased from 6 to 7, and explosive damage increased from 20 to 30.

-Korax minmissilechance reduced from 70 to 60. He should shoot more often.
-Korax health raised from 5000 to 5500.
-The damage was raised from 8 to 9 on a couple of Korax's projectiles.
-...Korax couldn't hit Ghosts. :|

-Zedek, Traductus, and Menelkir now have the NODROPOFF flag. This means that they won't go strafing off of cliffs, and cannot be pushed off cliffs.
-Zedek and Traductus no longer have melee states.
-Zedek is now immune to radius damage.

Bug Fixes:
-Even un-enchanted Afrits emitted their death-projectiles.

-The Death Wyvern was not immune to Annihilate damage.


Balance Changes:
-Spectre A has been replaced by the Programmer. He's very similar to the old Spectre A, but is faster.
-Spectre B has been renamed Spectre A, and Spectre C has been renamed Spectre B.
-Spectres incorrectly had the Shadow flag.
-Both Spectre types given more effective melee attacks.
-Spectre A's attack now homes in more effectively.
-The Spectre C (B) attack will now make less projectiles, so it shouldn't lag as much, though it will be weaker.
-Therefore, Spectre B main projectile damage has been raised from 13 to 15.
-All Sigil attacks can now hit Ghosts.

-The Inquisitor now shoots 4 bullets in its attack state, up from 2.
-The Inquisitor's Grenade states were shortened by 2 tics.
-The Inquisitor's shooting state was shortened by 3 tics.
-The Inquisitor's health was raised from 4250 to 4750.

-The invisible Robot Rez actors will now vanish after 2 minutes.
-Repair Drone effect radius increased from 200 to 250.

-Reavers can no longer hit Ghosts at range.

-The Sniper Templar's attack state was shortened by 4 tics.

-Order Bishops can no longer hit Ghosts.

-Templar health boosted from 350 to 400.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a visual innaccuracy with the Tech Tree image.

New Additions:
-There is now a visual effect for the Repair Drone.


Balance Changes:
-Flembrane mass increased from 4000 to 6000.

-Larva mass increased from 100 to 150.

-Super Cyclops mass increased from 800 to 1000.
-Super Cyclops will now dodge less.
-Super Cyclops flem spore chance reduced by 5.

-Stridicus mass increased from 500 to 600.
-Stridicus pain chance increased from 15 to 25.

-Cyclops mass decreased from 260 to 220.
-Cyclops speed decreased from 12 to 11.
-Cyclops meleerange decreased from 86 to 78.

-Flembomination fire rate increased by 2 tics each cycle, overall.

-Snotfolus spore production rates increased by 5.

-Maximus can no longer hit Ghosts.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a sprite conflict with an unused sprite.

-Stridicus took away one less Hero Mana then they should have, presumably because I programmed the perfect douchebag.


Balance Changes:
-Greater Prism health raised from 350 to 360.
-Greater Prisms now fire 4 projectiles in their missile1 state, up from 3.

-Spore shots changed to the KaBoom damage type, to reduce their effect on players.
-Spore speed reduced from 17 to 16.
-Spores given a minmissilechance of 160, so they shoot less often.
-The Spore Upgrade now gives Spores a 30% damage reduction vs. KaBoom damage, lowers their painchance by 20, and lowers their Sniper vulnerability from 150% to 120%, but no longer allows them to hit Ghosts.

-Meshwalkers can now hit ghosts, but only with their blaster.

-Drones can no longer hit Ghosts.

-Spreadshot Turrets can no longer hit Ghosts.

-Meshflier price raised from 40/8 to 40/15.
-Meshflier health reduced from 1500 to 1200.
-Meshflier missile explosion radius reduced to 90.

-Land Carrier frontal assault variance reduced from 3 degrees to 2.
-Land Carrier drone capacity boosted from 40 to 50.
-The Land Carrier's projectiles can no longer be reflected.

-Air Carrier drone capacity boosted from 16 to 20.
-Air Carrier health boosted from 500 to 600.

Bug Fixes:
-It costed more to retrofit a turret than to summon it pre-upgraded.

-Meshfliers spawned quicker than they were supposed to.

I am quite relieved to finally have that out of the way. Focus in the next few versions will be on ironing out Map Pack 3, and continuing to fix up unplayed maps, as well as detail them. Balancing will of course happen as normal. Meanwhile, I can work on OTHER things. Remember, spots in Map Pack 4 are open - though it will be a very long time before it comes out.

EDIT: 10:16 AM Hotfix, because Spores could STILL hit ghosts. D:

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