Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Skulltag 98B!

Literally 15 minutes after the previous post! Skulltag 98B is now out!


  1. "- Fixed: If an actor with MF_SKULLFLY slams into something online, it possibly stops moving on the clients and starts to teleport around (This affected the Minotaur). [Torr Samaho]"

    Does this mean there will be no moon Walking in zdoom wars from now on? Cause the minotaur moonwalking has been getting old.

  2. Heh, didn't even notice that change. Well, it just might. idk, play on the Best Ever server and find out!

  3. Been playing heretic lately, appears the moonwalking has been aleviated yay!

    Also I've noticed that aside from armored bipedal flems and the hero units lesser slime shots, that chex is almost virtually immune to ghost units. may explain why Its hard to counterattack chex with ghosts or with heretic.

  4. Yeah, Ghosts are going to be more important across the board next version. Maxmius will not be able to hit ghosts. Keep in mind that CQ focuses primarily on melee to begin with, so Ghosts will naturally have less of an effect against them, except from afar.


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