Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Relic of Doom Wars past

Pretty much every one of you should know that ZDoom Wars was based off of a Legacy wad called Doom Wars by Martin Collberg (creator of the Cajun Bots). Well, in 2006, before I knew DECORATE, I first proposed the idea of a ZDoom version of Doom Wars.

A fellow named eliw00d had the same idea, and whipped up this straight conversion of the original Doom Wars. He never coded the Mana-giving items that existed in Doom Wars (there were fields of mana you could place in a map to play in), but the rest is almost exactly the same as the original Doom Wars, except you cannot freely select normal weapons, and the barrels are actually explosive, instead of being barriers.

So, on July 1, 2008, I began ZDoom Wars, using the same name, since it was essentially a continuation of eliw00d's effort.

Have fun and look at a bit of the past, hosted, for some reason, by Blazing Phoenix:
ZDoom Wars, eliw00d's version.


  1. Where can I find other ZDoom Wars versions?

  2. No idea. This version just happened to be in Blazing Phoenix's possession.

  3. I need the old DooMWarS for Legacy! I searched but i can't find it anywhere! If anyone has it, or knows a working link to download, please reply here or on my e-mail - thanks!!!


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