Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rebirth of Friday Night Fragfest

What is with the double news posts recently? Anyway:

Those from past years of ST might remember something called Friday Night Fragfest, a weekly event in which a server is put up with an underplayed or unique wad, or even just a Vanilla gamemode, and people would pack the server and kick the goodly heck out of each other. Well, it's been reborn, starting tonight, with Domination.

This should be happening every Friday, with a different mode or wad.


  1. Yea, when I saw a "Domination" server up, I thought, "Wow, that's almost a full server" and then when I saw the {Friday Night Fragfest} tag on the server name, I immediately joined without a second thought.

    Your practically almost guaranteed a long and enjoyable game, I look forward to whatever next week's Fragfest holds.

    On a somewhat side note, I do recall seeing you playing at one point, albeit late at night.

  2. Yeah, I was on later. Didn't realize it had started earlier. :P


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