Friday, March 26, 2010

Ideas past

That's why I'm not an artist. Drew that last year.

Anyway, while we're talking about the past, there are plenty of ideas which have been set aside during the development of ZDWars.

As some veterans may remember, I once had the idea of One Man Armies, lone characters who would be extra powerful, and face off against the Summoner players. It was realized in time that this would be impossible to balance, and frankly would defeat the purpose of the mod.

I have also considered making Factions of Chosen, Batman Doom, and Action Doom 2, but none of them had enough variety to work out, or would end up too messy, though not for lack of planning:

Of course, there have been ideas that still have some promise in them, and might make it in at some point. For example, I had the idea of giving each player class different stats. I mean, Virus flies, right? I had tossed around thoughts like Doomguy having armor, Corvus having less health but becoming a Ghost when on low health, etc.

Another idea that remains with some promise, I considered a Last Stand option, in which the player would lose all their summoners, but be given a gun with a certain amount of ammo and have their health refilled, just to try and exact revenge. It would be an irreversible process, and I would want it to be very hard to trigger accidentally.

The third idea, which I have really considered, is giving each class a selection of simple Static defenses. When I first tried this out, it was messy, and it was before the game had become so focused on holding areas and sieges, etc, and might be great. It won't be in 2.5 at any rate, but might get in at a later date. The ideas I had were: 
-a low barrier that most things could shoot over, but would block movement, and be used to bolster defenses and allow corridors to be defended easier.

-A High barrier that would block pretty much all things from firing. Used to deny movement to an area.

-An "Auto-Bridge". Something that drops to the ground, and then shoots forward a string of Bridge Things. I would need some way for it to be destructible, and also don't know how bridge things work when spawned in a map. I would give them a set of graphics of course.

-And lastly, an Alarm of some sort. Either numbered or color-coded, they could give their owner a notification when an enemy passes nearby, i.e. "Green Alarm has detected movement" so you can know when your castle is under assault while out in the field, etc. This one is probably beyond me to code.
I also think it would be neat for each Faction to have its own unique defense. Feedback on this would be nice. Good idea? Bad? General input of any sort?


  1. I like the idea about players comming back from the dead and killing monsters, but this will need alot of adjusting as this could really be exploited (IE player with gun gets playerA's hero unit distracted and leads it away from the fight while playerB's hero is left unchallenged; or he could just kill all of one players monsters leaving the other players monsters.) I would like to see that the dead players get some railgun or supershotgun.

  2. You mean the Last Stand idea? It would be something triggered by the player themselves, surrendering their summoning capabilities. They would get one weapon with a finite amount of ammunition. Believe me, monsters in ZDWars are very tough, he wouldn't make too much of a difference with default strength weapons (even a SSG wouldn't put too much of a dent in things). It'd be a quick death, more than likely due to the ammo limit, and I would probably keep players from hurting each other with their gun so there could be no victory brought from it. Trust me, it wouldn't shake things up too badly, so if you like the idea, don't worry about it screwing things over.

  3. The static defenses sound like a pretty good idea. (Idk about the bridge, it isn't needed in to many places, and it'd be kinda funky to code.)

  4. hmmm I once thought about making a map that had bases, (well duh) but these bases you could take over by hitting a switch. After a certain amount of time, say like 30 seconds without interuption the base would be yours and it would give you 2 static defenses that you could place anywhere in the base, but only 2. What those defenses fired depended on what faction you were. (ex: doom would fire imp balls, Hexen would fire those afrit fireballs, Chex... green flem balls, you get the idea) Anyways its just an idea I toyed with in my head but never got to play with it. When I read your static defense idea it remided me of that.


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