Monday, March 8, 2010

Faction Popularity Poll Results

Some surprises here. I thought Heretic would be more popular, and it seems some people who voted for CQ early on revoted, leaving it the second least popular. There are more Strife fans than I would have thought.

With a total of 44 votes, the final percentages were:
Doom - 31%
Heretic - 9%
Hexen - 13%
Strife - 20%
Chex Quest - 11%
Virus - 13%

I sort of expected Doom domination, but the popularity of Virus and Strife surprise me. The UNpopularity of Heretic strikes me odd. If you have any opinions on why Heretic got such low ratings, please comment.

Anyway, the unexpected Strife-Lovers are getting a treat in 2.5 - I've done a bit of renovation work on the Spectres. Spectre A has been replaced with the Programmer. He's the same as Spectre A, but quite a bit faster. The remaining Spectres have been renamed accordingly, and given melee attacks. The Inquisitor will now fire 4 bullets in his rifle attack instead of two, and ALL Sigil attacks will be able to hit Ghosts.

As a further 2.5 preview (click for full size):

Meet "System Reboot" by Damage. It's the first Virus themed map, medium sized and symmetrical, with each area connected by a wide tunnel. It should make for an interesting battlefield, indeed, and can support a surprising number of players. And yes, there are water splashes in the digital water, there. EDIT: I am in Widescreen. The HUD will be more off to the right for users in a standard aspect ratio.

Anyway, a new poll is up, about Tournament Participation, to gauge how many people to expect.


  1. That virus map looks epic. And replacing spectre A with the programmer really makes it feel alot more usefull. Seeing as sounds like it's going to be strife's fastest air unit.

  2. It will indeed be a quick air unit, even compared to other Factions.

  3. Heretic feels like an ok faction, but I think i know why people may steer away from it.

    When comparing it to other factions its sorta the 'jack of all trades' factions with a slight lean towards range projectile.

    But it doesn't really excel well.
    Melee? chex will beat heretic in this
    range? Hexen/doom/maybe virus and strife will beat heretic in this.

    The one thing heretic has over the classes is the to have the ability to ghost and have the most ghost units. This however may not be enough, since virus, and chex have no trouble dealing with ghosts.

    This is why I think heretic may not have that many players since having ghost units is becomming more of a niche, then a real stratagem(proper word usage?lol).

  4. Ghost units will be more vital next version, because you're right. Several integral units will be made vulnerable to ghosts, such as Order Bishops and Maximus.

  5. Avernus here. I think I know why heretic isn't as popular.

    The main thing with Heretic is that (IMO and observations) the faction itself lies HEAVILY on spammable WEAK units; such as golems clinks or gargoyles. Without an army, Heretic isn't much of a threat. Even with heroes, some weredragons and any other high level monsters; you got NOTHING without an EXTREME amount of gargoyles golems or clinks.

    With that being said, it is obvious why people may not like this faction. It's because it takes TOO MUCH time to get a good army, unlike in Doom, where a few mancubi and some demons with a cyberdemon assist gives you a real good army (or any other race for that matter, nothing specific to doom). Some people may not like Heretic because of patience problems, or may just want some easy victory or a strong army early on, or just don't like the feeling of spamming lots of weak units.

  6. heretic is my fav faction...can counter most of situation(except for a cyberdemon),and an army of nitro mummies plus few strong units can really clean the field


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